A visit to the zoo is not just about seeing the animals, but also experiencing the smells, sounds and surroundings, and within these surroundings can be found an exciting assortment of patterns, shapes and colours. Everywhere I go I cannot help but photograph the patterns around us and in the living; the weird, the wonderful and the not so wonderful. I must admit I receive strange glances when I am photographing animal droppings, an iron grating, a slab of concrete or the kids ice creams rather than the kids themselves; even though you can never have too many pictures of the children! We had a family fun day out to the zoo a little while ago now and I could not resist snapping away at the colours, shapes and patterns. Oh, and do not worry, there are not too many pictures of animal doings!

Flamingo pinks

I thought I would kick off with the girlie pinks and, maybe, ruffle your feathers a bit latter! Flamingos never fail to attract the girls, just look at the shades in this picture from the palest pastel to the richness of almost orange, and the Barbie pink feet that just seem to stay so clean. The delicate fluffiness of the feathers are inviting to the eye as well as to our senses of warmth and luxury; unlike the coat of the next creature…..

croc warning

closed jaw

Reflective mood!sly eye

It may not be so cuddly and cute, but the pattern and colours of its skin are jaw dropping! (Sorry I could not resist it!) And the reflective colours and shapes in the water offer a near perfect symmetry.

Another cold-blooded creature that is also not quite so charming, even though you could say it is a charmer, has a naturally patterned skin that has attracted the attention of the fashion world for many years and has often been used by designer brands.


slippery creatureAnd with a little technical adjustment this slippery creature’s skin can be made to look very different….almost woven rather than scaly!


The slightly childish side of me could not resist sharing just one of those moments with you when you think you have a great family shot, but the elegant necked giraffe, gracefully gliding behind the smiley faces, has a less than graceful moment right at the time the shutter snaps.

DevonCamping13-1192whoopsAnd one daughter showed her surprise!

Oblivious to the disturbance it caused the giraffe carries on strutting its stuff in all of its patterned glory.

giraffe 1

giraffe 2

giraffe 3

DevonCamping13-1189Apparently each giraffe has its own unique pattern. With a little colouring a designer giraffe emerges!


giraffe 4


More patterns and pictures from the day:

DevonCamping13-1013Pattern created by light.

spikyPattern created by growth.

tortoisetortoise shellPattern created by nature.

metal headAnd pattern created by design.

love birds


zebra printZebra print… Tiger stripes…

tiger stripes

Elephant textures…..

elephant shades


elephant tusk

elephant skin….And big bird ruffles.



beady eyelily leaflionness

Pattern, colour and texture……everywhere! x

hey, big boy