Mallorca 1010-005

Reflections in the water

I can’t resist snapping away when I see a pattern – whether it be an intended design or an accidental creation of nature. Pattern is everywhere in the mundane and the splendid, and everywhere I go I see it. We walk over it; we walk under it; it passes us by; it’s on our table or in our wardrobe. I see it on the beach; amongst the clouds; in a pool of water; or simply the reflection on a window. And as the sun moves and the rain pours, or frost bites, new patterns are continuously created. If we are imaginative enough some of these patterns around us can be used in design that can make a difference to our environment and the way we live. Of course when I was on the Balearic island of Mallorca recently I saw loads of patterns there too! And art and design was plentiful at every corner and sometimes when I least expected it. Take a look for yourself – mind you I can only share a little of what I saw as there was so much pattern and art that I just could not record it all! I can only hope that you see what I mean?

Mallorca 013

Roof tiles!

Mallorca 018

A balcony rug

Mallorca 069

Colour change of a building

Mallorca 045

Colourful tiling on the outside of a wall

Mallorca 079

Geometrics on a pier!

Mallorca 084

A colourful collection of hats for sale sit as a sculpture on the pavement

Mallorca 159

A canopy!

Mallorca 166-001

The canopy’s shadow!

Mallorca 194

A street light by day

Mallorca 252-001

Spot the drain pipe down the cathedral wall!

Mallorca 321

Mallorca 343

Sunlight and tree. Shadows and railings

Mallorca 372

More shadows!

Mallorca 380-002

A play with shadows

Mallorca 386

Natural form!

Mallorca 361

Manmade – glass in Palma, Mallorca

Mallorca 669-001

Behind a glass cupboard door in Portocolom

Mallorca 763

Natural discoloration on a wall

Mallorca 764

Even barbed wire in the sunlight takes on art!

Mallorca 980


Mallorca 827


Mallorca 828

Powerful colour and shapes from the stained glass

Mallorca 015

An apartment block has less colourful form, but still striking all the same!

Mallorca 306

Pattern of a stairway

Mallorca 135

Manmade and nature – sculpture and pattern

Mallorca 374

Not intended to be a sculpture – but this practical form takes on art!

Mallorca 646

A tree creates its own natural pattern against the grey sky

Mallorca 663

A terrace curtain catching the wind!

Mallorca 706

Dramatic form in the harbour at Portocolom – a sculpture by Albert Rouiller (1938-2000)

Mallorca 679

Post boxes!

Mallorca 700

Sculptural forms in the sunlight – dancing patterns!

Mallorca 111

Almost marble-like milkshakes

Mallorca 591

Angular pattern – still under construction!

Mallorca 625-005

A take on blue and white stripes!

Mallorca 578

Toes and tiles – natural form and manmade!

Mallorca 576

Not a pattern but where design becomes an accidental sculpture – when someone places a single hat on one of its hooks!

It just goes to show that pattern, art, nature and everyday items are all one!

Diane x