This was a passing moment that happened one morning recently. I was routinely on my way to collecting the post from the front door when I was struck by the strong geometric shapes against the textured hall wall and metal lines of the radiator. These stunning forms were being created by the sunlight entering through the glass above the door and I could not resist snapping away.

March2015 059

March2015 061

March2015 060

March2015 062

March2015 063

March2015 064

March2015 065

March2015 066

March2015 067

In the most simplistic, monochrome form the patterns created are quite striking on their own merit. However I wanted to experiment with adding colour and spot colour to see what designs would evolve.

Here are a few:

 March2015 064-006

March2015 064-007

March2015 064-015

March2015 064-017

March2015 064-023

March2015 064-025

March2015 064-036

March2015 064-037

March2015 064-038

So, from the simplest, almost everyday occurrence pattern can be created. It is with us where ever we are and what ever we are doing! x