A Gentle Breeze


This is the first blog from pictures and patisserie, a blog site that hopes to share my art and love of all things artistic and creative, including a love of baking and making. I have always had a passion for art and design, but I am also enthusiastic about the art of making and consuming tasty sweet desserts; and whilst this gallery is predominately about my obsessions with art forms, there will also be the occasional pop-up recipe for you to try. So, as you eat cake you can also peruse the art on display, just as you might in a café gallery. I intend to gossip about art, design, creating things and motherhood!

My journey with the creative world began a few years ago with a BA(hons) degree in graphic design followed by a ten year spell in public relations and then babies arrived! That certainly required a great deal of creativity! The following years moved between changing nappies to creating and sewing textile artworks for family and friends; originally created from recycled clothing. I continue to take commissions for my bespoke family heirlooms of grandchildren flying kites, new homes and much loved pets, but I have always held a desire to paint, so recently I armed myself with a paint brush, canvas and acrylic to see what would happen. I have experimented with many styles and techniques with my first collection appropriately titled ‘My experimental stage’. A gallery page will appear soon!

Abstract forms and bold colours are presently fascinating me with inspirations coming from my surroundings of coast and country, family and home, and, of course, food! x

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