paintings 034-002Due to time restrictions I have decided to concentrate on my art. But I thank all of you who followed Pictures and Patisserie over the past year. I would like to take this opportunity though to inform you that I am still writing a blog all about art and arty things on my website I do hope that you can find time to take a look. Thank you.

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Pure Pleasure


Diane x


When the sun shines, a simply painted wooden table becomes so much more than just a painted wooden table.

falmouth15 019

The colour takes priority over the table itself.

falmouth15 020-001

falmouth15 020-002

falmouth15 020-004

And very quickly a whole new image is created and soon the table will no longer resemble a table.

falmouth15 020-006

falmouth15 020-010

falmouth15 020-012

falmouth15 020-014

falmouth15 020-016

falmouth15 020-019

falmouth15 020-020

I love colour, form, the unexpected and pattern. x



falmouth15 030A weekend trip out to Mylor in Cornwall proved to offer a little more excitement than the drizzly weather. Armed with my camera I spotted some picture taking opportunities of designed pieces for which I could see some creative potential in my studio, but not for the same design purpose as that originally intended. Even on a dull day the sailing boat masts, coated in a water proof varnish, adopted a warm tangerine glow against the back drop of serene greys and soft blues. The varnish is used for practicality amongst the sailing fraternity, but having given up that pastime I now look at boats for the colours, shapes and patterns that are made by the structures and reflections. Back in my studio I then turn these into colourful and graphical patterns that reveal hidden designs found in industrial type structures.

falmouth15 029

The masts were balanced between two benches, left to dry in the spring air. They were precariously close to the water side, I guess making way for passing pedestrians, but creating a photo opportunity for happy snappers, like me.

falmouth15 029-003

Once home I began the design magic and straight away a simple colour adjustment adding stronger oranges and blues turned a dull picture into one reminiscent of beaches and sea. I just kept on experimenting creating patterns in a range of colours and imagery; some of which can be seen here:

falmouth15 029-004

falmouth15 029-007

falmouth15 029-019

falmouth15 029-021

falmouth15 029-029

falmouth15 029-035

falmouth15 029-038

And then I combined the latter two images. A graphical abstract print evolved with the impression of a setting sun.

falmouth15 029-040

The sun is disappearing into the sea creating a vibrant and bold landscape and a colourful, modern print. And it all began with a quick snapshot! x



I have always had a yearning for lemons not to eat, even though they do make a rather nice cheesecake, drizzle cake and tart, but my appetite is merely for the colour. This is probably the reason that they have featured so regularly in my art and design projects.



artandcaravan15 081There is a kind of thrill associated with the brightness of lemons. Yellow is such a happy colour, most associated with joy, amusement, optimism, glory, wisdom and harmony. All the things that I can think of that relate to yellow are good or just lovely: lemons, the sun, daffodils, tulips, the centre of daisies, custard, butter, cheese, the yolk of an egg, sunflowers, chicks, an omelette, sweetcorn, a rubber duck, honey, the stripes on a bee, gold and bananas……

It is one of the primary colours that is used alongside the other two primaries of magenta and cyan and when mixed with black can make many more colours on the print chart. Yellow ochre pigment which is made from clay was one of the few colours used in prehistoric cave art. The artist most recognisable for using yellow pigments in his sunflowers and landscapes was Vincent Van Gogh in the 1800s. I have painted a sunflowers picture too; I think many artists have, but there will never be one as iconic as Van Gogh’s! I will share my attempt of sunflowers with you one day soon, but for now I want to share with you some lemon prints.

abstract art 008-004

abstract art 008

abstract art 008

Abstract art 027-005

abstract art 029

bekkymopictures2012 050

bekkymopictures2012 130

abstract art 020-001

Primary fair and art14 028-002

All these juicy lemon pictures are available as a print or greeting card, please contact me by email either at or as below:

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