Just a few recent artworks by me. And just to let you know that I will be opening a shop here very soon. All the paintings below are acrylic on canvas board. Originals and prints are for sale – until my shop opens please message me from the about page.

New Year 026

My eldest daughter recently had a birthday and instead of making the usual birthday size card I thought I would paint a birthday picture (12×16* – approx. 30x40cm) from when she was a little younger! And doing what little children enjoy – splashing about in the wet sand on a beach in Cornwall; and from memory, I believe it was the glorious Sennen Cove.

New Year 035-011New Year 038New Year 038-001Obviously, the original of this painting will remain with my daughter, but prints are available without the birthday message. I am also very happy to take commissions.

I had some left over paint from my daughter’s birthday painting and a vase of flowers close by – and not wanting to waste the paint – I thought I would create a still life.

New Year 023

The Blue Vase (12×16* – approx. 30x40cm)

New Year 024-006

New Year 024-009

New Year 024-007

New Year 024-011

New Year 024-012

New Year 024-008

With a little editing I created a very simple image below for wall print and greeting card designs. I used one of the cards recently as a thank you note to a good friend.

New Year 024-003

Finally, a little something different. I was so inspired one day to paint an elephant that I did – don’t you just love elephants? I had been to Paignton Zoo a couple of years ago and used my elephant photographs for reference.

art 044-006

art 043-003

art 044-004

art 043-026

art 043-027

art 043-028

art 043-003

Big Grey (24×20* – 61x52cm) on a creamy/beige background. Various sizes of prints will be available soon from my new online shop – coming very soon!

Diane x